ATM’s and Branches

Circulating loan

  • Loan amountto 50 000 000 RUB
    (or equivalent in AZN)
  • Loan currencyAZN, RUB
  • Durationup to36 months
  • Interest ratefrom 13 %
  • Commissionfrom 0,25 %

Loan purpose:

  • To increase circulating assets (purchase on inventory items, settlements with suppliers and contractors);
  • Financing operational costs related to financial and economic activities of client;
  • Settlements for uncovered documentary operations (in the currency of operation);
  • Loan commitments in other banks.

Grace period:

  • up to 6 months (grace period restriction does not apply to a revolving credit facility)


  • real estate (commercial and dwelling);
  • mortgage of bank’s bill of exchange;
  • deposit at individual and legal entity/private entrepreneur’s bank

Forms of providing:

  • one-time loan;
  • non-revolving credit facility;
  • revolving credit facility.

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