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Cash and settlements

The Bank guarantees a high degree of reliability.

JSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) carries out the following types of settlement and cash services:

  •   opening and maintenance of local and foreign currency accounts for residents and non-residents of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

  •   non-cash transfer from customer’s accounts;

  • cash withdrawal from the account;

  • provide background information about performing operations on accounts;

  •  acceptance and crediting the account with cash.

Bank account is a convenient way for treating money.

We can open an account for you in the following currencies:

  •   Manat

  •   US Dollars

  •   Euro

  •  Russian ruble

  •  Pounds

  •  Switzerland Franc

  •   Chinese Yuan

According to the bank account agreement, the bank agrees to accept and credit the opened account of the owner with funds, to fulfill customer orders for the transfer and issuance of respective amounts from the account, execute the client's order to conduct other transactions on the account, in particular, the conversion operations.

For opening of a bank account, Customer shall submit to the Bank an identity document


The bank's customer can also provide the right to dispose with the funds on the account to his representative based on notarized power of attorney.

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