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Cash and settlements

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) provides a full range of pay-cash services and offers to legal persons the following:

  • Opening and keeping of manat and currency accounts for residents and nonresidents of Azerbaijan;
  • Transfer of non-cash funds from accounts of clients;
  • Provision of "overdraft" mode on customer accounts;
  • Issuance of cash from the account;
  • Provision of supplemental information on the account operations;
  • Receipt and crediting of money to the account;
  • Serving as the agent of exchange control on export-import operations. 

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) carries out conversion operations with various types of foreign currency: purchase and selling of foreign currency for manats and other foreign currency.

We carry out the following non-cash foreign exchange operations by the orders of legal entities:

  1. Receipt of customer orders and the writing off the funds from the customers' accounts for conversion;
  2. For larger sums – setting of discount rates with the clients’ concurrence;
  3. Inclusion of the conversion operation funds into the clients’ accounts.

Advantages: the shortest terms of operation (immediate settlements, after the receipt of the customer order)

* Rates may change during the day. 

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