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Internet Bank

Using the Internet Banking service, you can access and manage your accounts anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. 

Using the Internet Banking service, it is possible to carry out the following operations on card accounts:

  • Get an account statement;
  • Get balance information online;
  • Payment for utilities, services of mobile operators, etc.;
  • Payment of your loan;
  • Temporary blocking of a payment card;
  • Money transfers between accounts (Card to Card).

Get information about the following products:

  • Current accounts;
  • Savings;
  • Loans;
  • Cards.

Other possibilities:

  • Transfers between your accounts/cards
  • Creation and maintenance of payment templates;
  • Intra-bank transfers from account to card;
  • Transfers to cards of other Banks within the country.


  • Transaction information;
  • Account statements;
  • Information about the status of transactions;
  • Plan and history of payments on loans.

More advantages:

  • Ability to carry out all the listed banking operations 24/7;
  • Saving time;
  • Ability to control and manage personal accounts;
  • Ability to keep track of your expenses.


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