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Due to deposit products created for legal entities, you and your company can store and increase your capital in a reliable bank on very favorable terms.

  • Minimal deposit amountconsidered individually
  • Deposit term3 - 36 months

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ID card
We use private encryption to contribute to your data security
Deposit currency AZN, USD, RUB, EUR
Deposit ammount considered individually
Deposit term 90 - 1095 days (included)
Interest rates considered individually
Accrual and payment of interest Daily, on 360/30 day basis. Transfer of interest - quaterly or at the end of the fixed term for client's choice
Deposit replenishment Not provided
Partial withdrawal Not provided
Interest accrual procedure in case of early termination of the agreement In case of deposit termination prior to 180 days from the deposit start date no interest is paid. In case of termination of the agreement after 180 days bank deducts 50% from interest accrued on the current date
Automatic prolongation Provided


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