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VTB (Azerbaijan) supported the «Qalaalti trail» running competition

VTB (Azerbaijan) acted as an official partner of the «Qalaalti trail» running competition, held in the village of Galaalti, Shabran region. The participants overcame the route passing through the forest near the ancient fortress of Chirag Gala.

180 athletes took part in the competition, including both experienced runners and novice trailrunners. The race was held in two distances to choose from - 10 and 20 kilometers.

“VTB (Azerbaijan) considers one of its missions to support sports events that form a healthy lifestyle for the population. Trail running for the country is a young sports discipline, so we are happy to contribute to its development and popularization. Last year, the bank financed the Golden Autumn and Running Flamingo trail running competitions, an orienteering tournament and an open championship of a mountain sports club. This year, he supported the National Athletic Federation in holding another race for amateurs. We expect that every year the number of such events in the republic will grow, attracting new athletes not only to Azerbaijan, but also attracting tourists to us,” said Igor Okaev, Chairman of the Board of VTB (Azerbaijan).

VTB (Azerbaijan) actively supports sports projects in the country at various levels. Earlier this year, the bank became the official sponsor of the Azerbaijan Basketball League by signing a one-year contract with the Basketball Federation. In summer, the bank acted as the organizer of the children's football tournament "VTB Azerbaijan Cup".


Trail running is a sport discipline that involves running on natural terrain at a free pace or as part of a competition. Includes elements of cross country and mountain running. The main difference from cross-country running lies in the landscape: hills and even mountains are usually chosen for trail running (the height difference can exceed more than a thousand meters), as well as deserts and dense forests.

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