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VTB (Azerbaijan) launched a new deposit with an interest rate of up to 12%

VTB (Azerbaijan) offers a new "Bonus" deposit. Clients can place savings on it at a rate of up to 11.5% per annum, as well as receive a bonus of 0.5%.

The "Bonus" deposit is available to customers in manats for a period of 12 months. The minimum amount is 100 manats.

The client can choose one of two convenient options for paying interest. With monthly payment, the rate will be 11.25% per annum, with a lump sum payment at the end of the term - 11.5%. In addition to this, the bank will provide a 0.5% bonus for customers who keep savings on the deposit until the end of its term.

“Offering the most profitable and convenient products for our customers is a strategic priority for VTB (Azerbaijan). We note that medium-term deposits with a duration of 1 year are in great demand among our depositors. The new “Bonus” deposit will be the best option for those clients who plan to record high returns without restricting access to their savings for a long time,” commented Evgeny Borodin, Director of the Retail Business Development Department at VTB (Azerbaijan).

Partial replenishment or withdrawal of funds from the deposit is not provided. The client can extend the placement of funds once.

VTB (Azerbaijan) offers its clients a wide range of deposit products for various purposes: long-term "Advantage" and "Universal" deposits, "Advance" deposit with interest paid at the very beginning of the placement, as well as the "Flexible" deposit  for a short period.


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