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VTB (Azerbaijan) connected to FMTS

VTB (Azerbaijan) will continue to carry out all financial transactions with correspondents in the Russian Federation through the Financial Message Transfer System (FMTS) of the Bank of Russia.

Clients of VTB (Azerbaijan) can make the usual operations with Russia to transfer and receive funds in rubles, convert received rubles into Azerbaijani manats, and also conduct operations in manats within the country.

VTB (Azerbaijan) is a legal entity established in the territory and subject to the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Bank has sufficient liquidity and capital and continues to operate as usual, providing customers with the necessary financial services.

For reference

FMTS is a Russian interbank system for transmitting financial information and making payments, operating on the basis of the information and telecommunications system of the mega-regulator, which ensures guaranteed and uninterrupted provision of services for the transmission of financial messages.

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