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VTB (Azerbaijan) became the main sponsor of the V1 Challenge Baku Cup

VTB (Azerbaijan) acted as the general sponsor of the Baku Cup from the V1 Challenge series in auto racing. The competitions were held for the first time in the capital of the republic on the State Flag Square. The organizers were the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation and the Baku City Circuit.

The competition program included a 12-driver Volkicar race and a drift car show. The winners were determined by the jury, which was represented by Azerbaijani and foreign experts, as well as well-known world drifters - Niall Gunn and Richard Martin.

“The Bank actively contributes to the development of various disciplines in Azerbaijan. Along with such traditional sports as football and basketball, we actively support new directions for the country - trail running, orienteering and auto racing. The race on Volkicar cars was held for the first time in the capital of the republic and managed to gather a large number of spectators. We hope that the new event will be another reason for tourists to visit hospitable Baku,” commented Igor Okayev, Chairman of the Board of VTB (Azerbaijan).

VTB (Azerbaijan) actively supports sports projects in the country at various levels. Earlier this year, the bank became the official sponsor of the Azerbaijan Basketball League by signing a one-year contract with the National Basketball Federation. Last year, the bank financed the Golden Autumn and Running Flamingo trail running competitions, an orienteering tournament and an open championship of the mountain sports club, and this year it supported the National Athletic Federation in holding another race for amateurs and acted as an official partner of trail running competitions Qalaalti trail.


For information:

Volkicar is a Turkish racing car with an engine power of 115 horsepower. Can reach speeds up to 100 km / h in 5 seconds. Volkicar cars are compact and can drive through narrow city streets, so the championship can be held within the city closer to the viewer.

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