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VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) OJSC ANNOUNCES A TENDER for the purchase of SMS mailing services

The tender documentation can be viewed at the Bank's office at: 38 Khatai Ave., Maecenat Plaza, OJSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan), AZ 1008.

The bid must be in an opaque closed envelope with a list of the contents of the documents attached outside, certified by the seal of the counterparty (in case if the counterparty is an individual entrepreneur, with a signature) and submitted before March 17, 2022 no later than 16:00 in a closed and sealed double envelope (with a certified seal and signature attached list of contents) to the Bank's main office at the address: Baku, ave. Khatai 38, Maecenat Plaza, VTB Bank OJSC (Azerbaijan), АZ 1008 Competitive (Tender) Committee of VTB Bank OJSC (Azerbaijan).

Contact person: Secretary of the Competitive (Tender) Committee Naila Aliyeva

Phone: 012 492-00-80 (internal number 5514)

Fax: 012 437-71-21

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