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VTB Bank OJSC (Azerbaijan) ANNOUNCES A TENDER to select a studio to create an image video

The tender documentation is available at the Bank's office at: 38 Khatai Ave., Maecenat Plaza, OJSC Bank VTB (Azerbaijan), AZ 1008.

The bid must be submitted in an opaque closed double envelope with an attached list of the contents of the documents, certified by the seal of the counterparty (if the counterparty is an individual entrepreneur, by signature) no later than 16:00 on November 14, 2022 to the main office of the Bank at the address: Baku, Khatai Ave. 38, Maecenas Plaza, VTB Bank OJSC (Azerbaijan), АZ 1008, Competitive (Tender) Committee of VTB Bank OJSC (Azerbaijan). Proposals that do not meet the technical conditions of the announced tender are not considered by the tender commission.

The following criteria will take precedence in the evaluation of proposals: the most effective proposal and work experience.

Contact person: Secretary of the Competitive (Tender) Committee

Farana Heydarova

Phone: 012 492-00-80 (internal number 5517)

Mob. Tel.: 055-201-60-59

Fax: 012 437-71-21

[email protected]

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