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Cash loan

A consumer loan from VTB (Azerbaijan) is perfect for various purposes and making dreams come true. And as part of the refinancing program, it is possible to collect your loans from different banks into one and reduce the monthly payment, while receiving additional cash.

  • Loan amount300 - 40 000 AZN
  • Loan term6 - 59 months
  • Fixed interest rate per termfrom 14 %
  • Commission0%
  • AAIRfrom 14 %

Loan calculator

1800 AZN 50000 AZN
Loan amount, AZN
300 AZN 40000 AZN
Period, month
6 months 59 months
  • *Full payment12 086 AZN

*The monthly payment amount is calculated by the minimum interest rate. Depending on the personal data of the client, the loan rate and the amount of the monthly payment may vary.

The initial calculation was based on the interest rates in effect at the time the insurance program was signed up. The final terms of the loan will be sent to you via SMS or email.

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