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Microcredit monitoring specialist


  • Experience in banks, rating agencies or other financial institutions;
  • Knowledge in the field of bank lending, financial, credit and portfolio analysis;
  • Knowledge in the field of lending, finance, accounting, analysis of documents and business objects of clients;
  • Familiarization with the normative acts of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Fluency in the Azerbaijani language (Russian is preferred);
  • Responsibility, efficiency, communication skills, ability to work in a team.


  • Regular monitoring of the bank's microcredit portfolio;
  • Preparation of conclusions and reports on the results of monitoring;
  • Providing recommendations for reducing, preventing or minimizing risks in a loan project;
  • Analysis of risks related to the financial situation of clients;
  • Calculation of customer lending limits, work with the Central Credit Registry;
  • Verification/analysis of borrowers (by phone, Internet resources, direct verification of a business entity).

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